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    The total Russian population is about 145 million, of which 90 million live in cities and towns and of which 62 million have constant income (working for government or business institutions). The growth of economy stimulated by oil export at high price as well as huge growth of energy-providing and energy-delivery companies, telecommunication companies and retail networks, results in higher consumption of food, healthcare, baby care and hygiene products.


    In the last several years the Russian dental market has undergone a tremendous change. It is one of the most advanced and highly regulated medical equipment markets in Russia. The most important role in familiarizing dentists with the latest developments plays the Dental Association of Russia (RDA). It includes 69 regional dental associations in its structure. The managing function in RDA carries the Board of RDA. President of the Dental Association of Russia is Dr. V. Leontjev, Academician of RAMS (Russian Academy of Medical Science). The Association of Dental Manufacture and Trade “Dental Industry” (RoSI), funded in 2000, today includes more than 50 companies and is a member of FIDE.