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    About A-Group Ltd. / SKYDA.ru


    A-Group Ltd. is a leading technology distributor in healthcare, child care, dental care and innovations areas in Russian Federation. Founded in 1995, A-Group Ltd. (currently performing under brand SKYDA) has successfully introduced and marketed several key technologies in the areas of anesthesiology, child care, dental care etc.

    For the last decade we have become distributors and reliable partners to our suppliers worldwide making a step towards fast-growing vast Russian market. Our expertise and strong vertical and horizontal market relations allow our partners to jumpstart the sales in Russia, regardless of exclusive distributor or non-exclusive distributor nature of our relationships.

    A-Group Ltd. provides distribution of B2C and B2B products and solutions via its numerous retail outlets, wholesale, participation in thematic expos. We provide localization of product materials as well as build extensive information support (via web, press activities, printed articles etc.) in native Russian language within the entire distribution territory.


    Founded in 1995, A-Group Ltd. is renowned on Russian and CIS (ex-USSR) markets as a distributor of leading-edge technology solutions for medical institutions, agriculture and chemistry. The Company accumulates the expertise of specialists in various areas, from medicine to information technologies, from sales to technology deployment, in order to provide better market penetration and maximum reach.

    For over eleven years A-Group Ltd. invests in human resources and latest technologies to assist our customers in building strong presence on Russian and CIS markets. The Company utilizes vertical and horizontal relations with hundreds of medical institutions, research centers and clinical practitioners as well as with regional sub-distributors in order to make launching the products a breeze for our customers.

    A-Group Ltd. was the pioneer-distributor of LMA laryngeal masks in Russia. The year Laryngeal Mask Company, UK started the production and sales of LMA in USA and Western Europe (1995), A-Group Ltd. got the ten-year exclusive contract on distribution of LMA in Russian Federation.

    In 2004, the US-based Merlyn Associates, Inc. introduced the revolutionary EndoFlex endotracheal tube with flexing distal tip. The same year, A-Group Ltd. signed the exclusive contract on distribution of Merlyn Associates’ entire product line in Russian Federation.

    One of the key reasons of A-Group success as a distributor of high-quality technologically advanced medical equipment is no doubt the link between the final customer and the producer of equipment.

    As a distribution company we are able to accumulate crystallized feedback about a product on sale (via interactive web-sites for clinical practitioners, participation in most major medical and specifically anesthesiology conferences, mailing and phone lists, etc.) and share this invaluable data with the producer.

    Our customers value the ability to ‘alter the technology’ for their practical needs as well as technology-vendors value such live marketing assistance at no additional cost. Bridging the two parties, we build exceptional brand-loyalty in our customers and further expand the reach for producer basing on word-of-mouth approach.

    A-Group Ltd. states its mission as enabling Russian and CIS medical institutions to use high-tech medical equipment and accessories in everyday practice due to unparalleled pricing and western-style customer relations.

    A-Group Ltd. relies heavily on building long-term relationships with technology vendors worldwide. We do our best to provide your products with superior marketing channels, consumers’ feedback and localized support on one of the most rapidly growing Europe’s markets.


  • EndoFlex (entire range)
  • EndoMask (entire range)
  • LMA - Laryngeal Mask Airway (entire range)
  • YOTUEL, BioCosmetics S.L., Spain (entire range)
  • Listerine
  • Rembrandt
  • Omnii Pharmaceuticals (entire range - Periomed, Peridex, ControlRx etc)
  • Ivoclar-Vivadent products
  • CRT-test, CRT-buffer, Comet Burs for MID (we are MID-pioneers in Russian Federation)


    A-Group Ltd.
    Russian Federation
    117638, Moscow, Str. Sivashskaya 7-1-137
    Telephone: +7-495-766-6335, +7-499-317-2176
    FAX: +7-499-317-2177
    General Director
    Mr. Alexander Arkadiev